Above all, a representative of this age values their personal freedom and individuality, uniqueness. They dream of a beautiful life, in which the main role will be played by friendship and love, but do not work. They care about their health and the environment, would like to change the world for the better. They are ready to take active steps to achieve this clear objective. Russian girl of this age is ambitious, requiring respect for her and appreciates honesty in a relationship.
The motto of the look is sexy and attractive face and body. A narrow skirt, dazzling blouse, firm breasts. Funny non -rimmed glasses, macaroni style t-shirt with a slip down strap ... Legs, in general, are almost such as required, but she uses them still with a charming awkwardness and secretly prefers to wear jeans and old pair of sneakers and would be happy to get rid high hills and business suit. However, she looks quite appetizing in any form.

A work and education for these girls.

These category of the girls are not going to wait for years to be noticed or appreciated, their motto – I am ready to get everything and right now. They are expecting immediate gratification. These people live here and now; they are not worrying about the future. They find it difficult to work as a team and believe that the strict policy and rules are for older generations, but they are serious about finding themselves and own a business, in which they could combine the elements of creativity.
Relations with men. 25 is the most wonderful age in which every Russian girl can afford any man even younger man or older, well and her peers- men had already played the field and ready for a serious relationship...