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Beautiful and young russian bride. I think that everything in life comes and goes away and one must take the world the way its given. In Russian we have a saying "to have a talent to love". You can really develop your talent. As I feel love is a not simple process of giving your soul, a part of yourself to another, not demanding anything in return. The magic of love is that the more you give it, the more you receive. And when you experience deep feelings, this enriches your soul. As I see a desired relationship, it should be all for love, devotion and mutual support. I believe people at different age take into consideration different issues but mature people seek a true soul mate for involving partnership. They take long-term qualities over flash. For me, successful relationship is about creating win-win solutions together, and complementing each other's talents, inspiring each other to be the best we can be. I'd like to establish a balanced lifestyle with someone I love and respect. Though I understand there's no perfection in the world and we all have our ups and downs... I would like to thank everyone who has ever been in touch with me and apologize if I haven't made contact back. I f I don't feel any connection then I won't, I am sorry, as I wouldn't wish to waste your time or mine. Sometime you can understand much more from russian women letters than from reading long and dull instructions of experts of varous dating agencies. How to win contact to the pen friends and single women from our king-size collection? First of all you shall browse in our libraries for profile information of our women , then you shall appeal to the order web page and place your ad. Make sure that you enter working e-mail. After that youll be contacted by women interested in you. You don't have to wait long because we have a huge collestion of beautiful and single ladies from many countries.