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Character of a euro brides. We are glad to present our member a small life story of a usual and unique life story of a russian woman who want to find a reliable husband . Just read and you will see what are russian women dreaming of. My full name is Margarita (Rita for short). I am 40 (born on February 21, 1966). I am 160 cm tall, I weigh 55 kg. I have blond hair and gray-blue eyes. I can say without false modesty that nature gave me an effective appearance and a beautiful body. Some people find resemblance and say that I look like Marilyn Monroe. I do not think that only shallow brainless beauties can look attractive. Yes, I like to take care of my face and body, I always have my nails manicured, my face made up and my hair dressed. I do not allow myself to look untidy and uncared-for. But I think that a pretty appearance is not a guarantee of woman's happiness. Yes, I know that I have charm and bright looks and it attracts people. Thus there are a lot of men around who approach me desiring to have some good time and amuse themselves. But this kind of men is not for me. I say about it freely and cut short such attempts. For many years I used to work in restaurant business, a few years ago I got my second education in economics. Now I work as a chief accountant for a serious company. My job takes a lot of time and energy, but I always find time for myself and my personal growth. I have a son of 15. He is a well-behaved boy, without bad habits. We are in friendly terms, he loves and respects me, he understands that his mother is a family provider, that she has a good job and looks modern. I have good aesthetic taste. I think I could make my future home very cozy and comfortable although I should stress that I am not a needlewoman (sewing, knitting and all that stuff are not my hobbies). But keeping home clean is out of question, it is quite obvious. I like good food: French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese cuisine and good wine and take great pleasure from them. I know Russian cuisine very well (it is from my previous occupation) and will give a treat to my future husband and our friends. I love people and am open for the communication. I always find something good in every person I meet in my life. I accept people as they are, I support them, I help them to feel their true value and this way they become better persons. As I was born and live in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, I have never got a question where and how to spend my day off. Saint-Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia with lots of museums, theaters, cinemas, modern entertainment centers. I was born and spent my childhood in the downtown. My parents are Saint-Petersburg born and bred, they survived blockade during the war. I like to visit the center of my city, just to stroll along the streets and Neva embankments. Here I derive my strength and positive energy. I invite you to visit my beautiful city, I am ready to be your personal guide. Now my main priority in life is to build up a strong, friendly family. I am looking for a man to feel comfortable with in emotional and sexual life. I want a man to feel protected. I want somebody whose personal flaws would not irritate. I understand that moving to another country is a stress for a person and can cause some difficulties. I want a man who could encourage me in the first times. I understand that I will hardly ever be able to take a similar good job position as I have here. But I would love to find an occupation to my liking. I would like to meet a man whom I would need constantly, whom I would respect for being a professional at work and a caring, kind, generous person at home. I believe that in our family a man will be a leader, and I will be his faithful companion, his inspirer for new further fulfillments in our life. We would always love, respect and make each other happy. I see my partner to be older than me, reliable, responsible, a person to share my life with, to have fun, to travel and finally to complement each other. We hope you don't have any doubts now to join or not our russian singles community.