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Love and marriage with a pretty women russian bride. Love and happiness - this is the motive why our dating service is a unique possibility to introduce yourself to thousands of marriage-oriented russian brides. Using our marriage agency you can establish contact between yourself and your woman of dreams. We grant the way necessary for you to understand russian womens character better. Read it before searching further in Photo gallery.: I wanted to introduce myself first to you and if you like my letter, may be we can speak about each other more! I can to tell about my character that I have open mind, like people, like to help people. Anyhow, Im not a closed person and like professions, were I can to be between people. In my free time I like to go somewhere with my friends, or with my family. I like to walk and nature. I like to look good programs in TV, good films, programs about historical places, animals, seasplanets. I can also to tell about myself, that I romantic woman and like nature and all is interesting in life for me. I can make my home warm and like to decorate some things by my hands. What I need more? Only to get my half part. I educated woman and seen so many things in the life, so I can be very interesting for to discuss and can speak about everything and I like to listen people too. I cant speak, that I hate something. I prefer to say dont like. I dont like, if somebody humiliate another person, this is also injure my sole. I agree, that people have a different cultures and mind, but I like peaceful person. I like to cook and my family like, when I cook! Do you try Russian food? I hope, that youll like. I enjoy all new and interesting things and have many interests too. I got well education (geography faculty of our University) and good speak English. 9.5 years I worked like airhostess in aircompany Tatarstan airliners. I seen many countries. After that I worked like receptionist in United Arab Emirates and now I working like PR- manager for the Red East company this is very big factory made a beer. I working also with people and we have to much exhibitions, promotion actions, ets. I like my work too. I want to tell you also about my family. I stay with my mother; my father stay separate from as, but we are very good friends and I see his very often. I have also sister. She is 27 years old and she is marriage. I live in Kazan, this is around 800 km from Moscow on the east (one parallel), on the river Volga. But what I want to tell you, this is really beautiful and big city and we have a lot of interesting places, Kremlin, museums, institutes So, if you like my letter, tell me more about yourself and Ill answer to you with a pleasure! Have a nice time! Don't waste any time and join now! Best Regards