After filling in all the forms of the questionnaire and going through the registration try adding to your form at least a couple of unique lines. It is especially important that a QUESTIONNAIRE began from exactly these UNIQUE WORDS. Due to it this very questionnaire will stand out against a background of others’ profiles. Focus your attention at peculiar character traits, abilities, at something that may seem interesting and especially attractive for Russian brides.
When you only begin a correspondence it is better to ask more questions, but necessarily in a tactful way. And write less about your demands, avoid often a repetition of “I, me…’ and don’t write in a too conventional or dry way.
The first letters are the most important. Words you begin your correspondence with can lead to success or failure at once. Try to approve yourself as a well-bred, benevolent and cultured person. The first impression is the most important one! A polite non-standard introduction, a charming ending in P.S. and wise quotations will brighten up your letters, increase your chances for an answer, add many advantages, give your letters a special charm and raise you in esteem of any Russian woman.
Always be correct in the writing of a name of a person you are addressing. Shortly, correctly and shockingly wise it is noted in books of D. Carnegie that for every person the sweetest sound in the whole world is the sound of their own name (sound or writing is doubtless one and the same thing in this case!).
Be careful in your answers, answer the questions as much precise as possible and charming at the same time. And necessarily manage to answer in time – punctuality is highly valued in the whole world! Remember that correspondence should be kept constantly. Otherwise she can lose her interest and switch to somebody else (and there are thousands and millions of other forms in the Internet, one shouldn't forget about it!)
Visit your profile at a dating agency site as often as possible. On many Dating Services date of your last visit is automatically shown (and if you visit once a month it will definitely let girls who took interest in you understand that you are likely not very serious in this question).
E-cards, a romantic message and wise quotations – all this will obviously brighten up your letters and increase your chances for success. In the Internet exists a vast majority of Free Sites offering to send cards for all cases of life.
Remember the GOLDEN RULE: ask tactfully! Always listen to an answer attentively and patiently. Don’t argue over any trifles. Always try to search for common interests and to discuss things which are close to the heart of both of you! The main thing is to understand that every Russian girl is a personality, individuality and just a person. Yes, a person: pretty, beautiful, sophisticated and clever. So every girl needs a special approach. Don’t be afraid of exercising ingenuity!


In the last 15-20 years, Russian brides have become not just an expensive brand, but almost a symbol of Russia, along with the National Flag and the National Emblem. Russian ladies are national treasure, it was hidden for a long time long by the Soviet Iron Curtain, and now it is finally available and open to communication for the whole world. Read more….

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