Psychologists believe that the attitude of women to men can be seen from the point of view of her age. And the Russians are not an exception.
A girl from Russia at the age of 20 – 25 usually acts a little girl; her behavior can be characterized as immediacy, spontaneity, naturalness of action and, sometimes, the demonstrative behavior. In her husband she often sees her father, who was respected very much. More info
Russian girls at 25-30 have very inflated ideas about the perfect husband and a very unstable character. Their partners distinguish themselves in character of great composure and poise.More info
Russian women over 35 are the most faithful wives, loving mothers and mysterious lovers. Believing themselves experienced in the seduction of men they find a way out of any situation. Some men see them as the embodiment of femininity.Read more
For women over 40 years the most appropriate characteristics are the commitment, responsibility, educational development, diligence, independence, energy, critical point of view, as well as adherence to principles. Details
At the age of 45-50 a woman - a tremendous value. She stirs up in a man the specific feelings which are so rare in today's life - honor, dignity, conscience, even loyalty and sincerity.Read more