A saying that a real lady should be a housewife at home, a queen in the street and a whore in bed still fits more for a choice of a lover. For a choice of a wife such a simple approach appears to be not at all correct. Well, let’s try and imagine what an ideal foreign wife should be like – a wife exactly , not a partner.
One should understand that any man generally speaking looks for a wife with the same benefits which are to absolutely all men's liking.
If earlier acquaintances with foreigners were something exotic for women from other countries then it could be a usual reality in our days. It was noted long ago that the best wives make those women for whom beauty is not the main benefit. Why does it happen so? The whole thing is in the fact that such women, feeling intuitively that they ‘don’t gain enough points’ in terms of appearance are trying to develop other qualities in themselves which are so much liked by many men. Beauty is a temporary benefit. There was not one woman’s beauty that managed to resist time.
Naturally, a beautiful partner by your side is a dream of any man, but if behind a beautiful facade a soul vacuum will meet you and a consumer attitude to men one shouldn’t be surprised – it should be first expected from beauties. Western men, on the contrary to common concerns are far not always trustful and reckless, many are apt to analyzing their actions and words if their foreign brides.
If a woman doesn ‘t believe his choice a marriage won’t be a happy one. Such marriages, moreover abroad, are split practically at once.

Many foreign women even aren’t aware of the fact how important for a man is that his beloved one believes in his ability to turn the whole world around for her. It is also just that a foreign wife often gets married with an interest but even in such a plan there should be certain place devoted to feelings. To understand one’s choice better, all the men are advised to get acquainted with her parents and spend smart time with them, especially with a mother. In course of time many girls become alike their mothers – it concern both life beliefs and a variety of life qualities. For instance, a smart and neat mother's daughter seldom grows up a silly and a dirty one. Very many men try to find a life partner again just because they heard much of skillful housekeeping and domesticity of girls from other countries, many of which become real domestic goddesses. Emancipation destroyed many good families on the West and now more and more often men look at the East in their search of happiness in personal life.

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A romantic tour with a purpose of dating and marriage is a wonderful reason to know a person better, to feel romance of a new relationship and also get amazing impressions which will connect your family in future!

Opinions differ and men judge Russian women mostly by those they knew personally, with whom they got acquainted on vacation or worked together. Anyway everybody agrees that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, cheerful and stylish, good housewives and a demand for Russian wives abroad grows each time