Men who really search for a wife with the help of dating agencies will surely first look at a girl’s character. What kind of a personality she is. And demands to a candidate for a wife are always numerous. Because a foreign wife is anyway an array of problems and a world of troubles, enormous spending and a big risk of unsuccessful marriage.
Sacrificing from their side men try to win a jackpot in acquaintance with a foreign woman. They want to find an ‘ideal-universal’ woman. For her to strike a balance between ‘Asian’ and ‘European’ qualities. To the Asian ones belong: femininity, woman’s weakness that induces a man to the best man’s actions, tenderness, tactfulness, flexibility, attentiveness, knowing how not to contradict a man, to respect a man, his interests, his opinion. Knowing how to listen and hear and understand. A wish and a need to love a man. A man should be needed by a woman. Not his money or sex but his presence as a personality. And, surely, obedience!
To the European ones belong: independence (financial at the first place), persistence, certainty, motivation and initiativity.
An American standard: everyone likes people who achieved something in life, self-mades. Successful. With utter individuality.
Adamant. One turns to such people unwillingly. Everyone dreams to be such.
What foreign women can combine all this in themselves? Surely the Russian ones! As Russia is Europe+Asia!

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Some statistics. It is worth to know that according to the last population census in Russia there are 10 mln women more than men. The number of women of age above 30 exceeds considerably the number of men. Here they are, the Russian brides!

If to turn to history one can deduce one trend: with the course of ages tastes and beliefs about woman's beauty changed, a political structure changed but housewifely and maternal functions of girls from Eastern Europe were always above all. In more detail