Abakan is the capital of Khakassia (Khakass Republic) in Siberia, Russia. The city was known as Abakansk or Ust-Abakanskoye until 1925, in 1925-1931 Khakassk. Abakan lies on the left bank of the Abakan River near its confluence with the Yenisey River, 144 miles SSW of Krasnoyarsk. The city was founded as a fort in 1707. Later, Abakansk was a fortified town of Siberia, in the Russian government of Yeniseisk. It was considered the mildest and most salubrious place in Siberia. Abakan is a commercial center on the South Siberian RR, it produces footwear, foodstuffs, and metal products. Today 170 thousand people live in Abakan. It is the third part of the population Khakass Republic. 60 percent of the enterprises of small business of all republic are concentrated in Abakan. There are also some publishing houses, three broadcasting companies and four radio companies work, some newspapers (largest of which "Chance", "Sight", "Khakassia", "Abakan"), the study of local lore museum, two large markets, three working orthodox temples, some banks are issued. There are more than 170 streets, several parks, the areas in Abakan. Today Abakan is under active construction and equips with modern conveniences.


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