The area of Cherkassy region is 21,100 sq km, its capital city is Cherkassy. The name of the city can be written with one or two "s" - it's not a mistake but a difference in spelling in Russian and Ukrainian. The territory of Cherkassy region is occupied by plains and hills cut by picturesque valleys of the Dnieper and its tributaries. Fertile soils and moderate climate (the average temperature in January is -5°C, in July it's +20°C) allow to grow wheat and sugar-beet there. The region holds the first place in Ukraine in sugar production. The majority of population is Ukrainians. The main religion is Orthodoxy. Cherkassy Region is the youngest one in Ukraine. It was formed in January 7, 1954. But this land has rich history. Throughout its almost 40,000-year-long history the territory of the region attracted attention of many peoples. It was a cradle out of which the first Slav state originated. During October revolution of 1917 and World War II it was a field of lots of severe battles. Now it lives a peaceful life. This part of Ukraine abounds not only in historical events and natural beauties. Really beautiful women are abundant there. They are calm, modest and very attractive. You could witness it yourself. I'd like to introduce some of the ladies from Cherkassy who have been added to our database recently.


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