The official date Kremenchug founding is 1754. The conducting of regular building on the territory of the city was connected with the construction of St. Elisavet Fortress. The territory of the citadel was built in the shape of a polygonal star so that it would be easier to take the enemy in a cross-fire. The citadel of St. Elisavet Fortress consisted of six bastions in the form of pentagonal lugs and from above it looked like a six-radial starfish, this can be clearly seen on the historical arms of the city. Kremenchug is the city in central Ukraine, in Poltava Oblast. Kremenchuk is located on the low left bank of the Dnieper River, about 130 km (about 80 mi) northwest of Dnipropetrovsk. Industries in Kremenchug produce medium and heavy trucks, rail freight cars, road-building machinery, petrochemicals, building materials, food, and consumer goods. Institutions include a technology institute, a pedagogical museum, and a pilot school. Population (1998 estimate) 241,000.