Poltava is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities at no extra charge! The city of Poltava is the capital of Poltava region with a population of 323,600 people. Poltava is situated on the Vorskla River, a tributary of the Dnieper. It is not very big city, not very industrial, some universities, but very green. Poltava is one of the oldest Ukrainian cities with rich histor. The city belonged to Lithuania from the 14th century. Polish administration took over in 1569. In 1667 Poltava became part of the Russian Empire. It was the site of a Slavic settlement in the 8th and 9th century. In 1430 it became part of Lithuania. In the 17th century, under Bohdan Chmielnicki, it was the chief town of a Ukrainian Cossack regiment. Nearby took place the famous Poltava Battle (in 1709, peak of the Northern War 1700-1712 between Charles XII and Peter I). Poltava was the home of Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol. The city has 7 State Museums, parks, theaters, many restaurants and cafees.


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