Saratov is the capital of Saratov region in the Eastern European Russia, on the Volga River. It is a major industrial, transportation, and cultural center of the lower Volga region. Its river port is a transfer point for the agricultural products of the lower Volga valley and for petroleum from Baky. At the close of the XIX century - beginning of XX century the Saratov land was one of "the painful spots" of Russia. Among all the Chernozem provinces Saratov was most droughty and infertile. It was the consequence of the unlimited freedom, Razin's and Pugachev's regimes. There were disorder and constant peasant revolts. For the appointed governor P.Stolypin it was the most suitable place to show his stern character and abilities to suppress distemper that were necessary for this future Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chairman of the government. Saratovskaya oblast is the unique historical and cultural region of Russia. Saratov was the city where the first national circus appeared (1873). Saratov is famous for its musical and theatrical traditions - opera troupes, choruses, orchestras, singing culture, national creativity. Saratov is the educational centre of experts for culture and art. Here work the Saratov State Conservatory named after L.V.Sobinov, 7 specialized secondary educational institutions, including those of art, culture and music.


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