Voronezh is an ancient Russian land... Vast inhabitable territory, fertile soil, rich forests, and deep rivers have always attracted freedom-loving, courageous and daring people. In those far-off days, the Region was a southern frontier of the Russian state. This town, like legendary warriors, defended Russia against nomadic raids on the border of the forest and the steppe. Living in constant danger of attack, always being ready to secure land, home and family from nomads, surviving in hard and perilous situations, the inhabitants of this country developed extraordinary stamina, optimism, and industry. So many times Voronezh was put to fire and sword but again and again the tenacious people restored and rebuilt their dwellings... By the end of the 17th century, Voronezh region had grown into an important vantage point of a new Russia, the Russia of Peter the Great. Industries of Voronezh produce several thousand of types of goods. Over 2000 small businesses, joint-stock companies and associations operate in the Voronezh now. Over 50 industrial enterprises have been privatized. A number of business and management schools with the participation of foreign experts have been opened. Today Voronezh, just like 300 years ago, in the days of Peter the Great, is about to make a major breakthrough in its development. The people of this land have preserved valor, the spirit of daring, the craving for innovation, entrepreneurial abilities, efficiency, open-mindedness, and readiness for collaboration.


1. Marriage agency " Forge of happiness"
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1. Marriage agency "A - Dialogue "
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3 . Marriage agency "Flamenco"
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4 . Marriage agency "Moonlight"
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