Beautiful Ladies on the Odessa streets

Odessa’s girl wears cosmetics that way that it is visible from the other side of the street. And they do that on purpose to make sure that men will pay attention to them. So the beauty of Odessa’s girls is like the last shot in the head - it is impossible not to notice, and it is impossible to escape.

When a girl from Odessa goes for a walk through the city, she dresses like she is planning to have a romantic dinner. When she has a romantic dinner, she dresses like for a party of high society. And when she is attending a party of high society, she dresses as romantic movie actress. Odessa’s girls tend to jump the gun - not too much, but just a half-step.

Odessa girls have lots of aces in the hole. First of all their beautiful permanent tan. After that a power of stereotypes: for a long it has long been known that in Odessa there are the most beautiful girls in the world and that’s it. Thirdly, the fantastic mix of bloodlines: Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, Greek, Moldovan - from such a mix an ordinary appearance will never happen.

Now imagine what happens to a tourist, for example, from Great Britain, where he is from his London suburb arrives to Odessa, where any woman who sells shrimp on the beach looks nicer than the most of the women from his country. He goes to the café, and there he meets the waitresses – very beautiful women. He hires a guide, but she looks like a fashion model. He walks along the main street, and there all he sees lots of beauties; it is like a beauty contest. He wants to buy an ice cream, a saleswoman in a stall – a beauty again and he falls in love. He goes to a night club, and there ... In general, it will be difficult to adapt to life in the home country when he will return there. But he cannot stay, because in Odessa he will run out of money quickly, even if he is not an electrician from London, but Cambridge professor.

Odessa ladies are very beautiful. Yes, we remember, we had already said it, but we should mention it again. Of course, in Odessa besides beautiful ladies you will be able to see beautiful architecture, nice restaurants and a beautiful lifestyle. But with the beautiful architecture you will not be able to flirt, with a beautiful restaurant you cannot go anywhere, and a beautiful way of life will never give a birth to your beautiful children. So it turns out that beautiful girls are still more important than all of the above for any men.