Charming Valeriya Lukyanova is from Odessa. She is the real superstar – her pictures you can find in different world mass media! Big blue eyes, sharp nose, a perfect oval face with a tiny chin and a Cupid's bow, porcelain skin, wasp waist, long slender legs this is the real standard of the doll beauty. Under each of her new photo in several minutes thousands of enthusiastic fans leave their comments. She is a new Barbie – a style icon.
The first pictures Valeriya began to upload in the Internet in 2002, and she was quickly noticed.

Lera cultivates the image of Barbie girl in every way , she is a vegetarian, prefers to eat raw fruit and veggies , she is not drinking and smoking , she is interested in esotericism and spirituality, sings in an opera -style - New Age , writes a poetry . Valeriya always communicates to her fans of “Love and Light" , she encourages them to spirituality , quit bad habits like smoking and drinking or taking drugs , start vegetarianism and raw food diet .

Valeriya is not the only one girl obsessed with Barbie doll in the city; there is a movement of "living dolls” in Odessa.

“Living Dolls” have become a social phenomenon in Odessa - “hypersexual port city with many cafes and beach nightclubs, full of foreigners hunting for brides "- according to Independent newspaper.
And as fate Valeriya became the first and the most famous “doll “of this movement.


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