The name id supposedly of Germanic origin. The exact meaning is not defined. Since early childhood Alla is noted for her love for herself and her appreciation of herself. Among other children she always stands out as she seems a bit detached from children’s games and tricks. At the same time she will definitely try to make herself conspicuous with her new dress, doll or her behaviour. Alla can drive her mother to the verve of tears demanding to tie her bow in other way. As a rule she does well at school, she is diligent and persevering but she would not set the world on fire - it takes her too much time and effort to stand out of the crowd. Other girls do not particularly like Alla for her arrogance and boys do not pay attention to her since they feel they are nobody in her eyes. So in youth Alla’s best friend is her mother. The first boyfriends appear near Alla in her student year. They are often foreigners or young men from semi-underworld attracted to her difference from the others. The first marriage is often a failure and there is usually quite a long time between the fist marriage and the second. She is self-assured, she is demanding and fretful and she loves herself so much that she has little feeling towards other people. Alla is often beautiful, but even with modest physique she thinks the world of herself. She does not mind boasting. As she gets older she becomes more and more despotic which was characteristic of her earlier. Any person she gets in touch with she will try to bend in her will. Arrogance and ability to make a mountain out of a molehill cause serious trouble in her life. Moreover Alla first acts and then thinks which inevitable lead to many mistakes notwithstanding her grasp and perseverance. Her self-assurance and self-confidence never fail her. Both in family and at work she aspires to command. Throughout her life Alla enjoys perfect health; she is energetic and never wastes time on daydreaming - all her plans are practicable. She is used to counting only on herself. Alla cooks well and is renown among her friends for her dishes. In some sense Alla could make an ideal partner in marriage provided she had more sense of humour and less prudence. However Alla can achieve significant success outside her family, for instance in business.