It is the female variant of Anastas. The name is of Greek origin and it means resurrection. Anastasia is the name of Russian fairy tales and a girl called so is somehow destined to be the prettiest, the most delicate and intelligent. In childhood she is loved by everyone and she never comes short of their expectations - she will never be nor revengeful nor malicious. On the contrary she is thin-skinned and defenseless against sly and evil people; she can be easily offended and deceived. The girl loves dreaming, find delight in fairy tales and enjoys rich imagination. She is a bad eater which can upset her parents. The latter will also have to take pains for Anastasia to learn to keep her belongings in order and clean her room. As an adult Anastasia will do housework only if she is in the mood for it. She loves delicate things and adores decorating the interior with flowers. Being trustful and sensitive Anastasia can make a good actress, nurse, and psychologist. She can have strong intuition and sometimes even foresee future. She gets married early and often chooses as her partner a strong and steadfast man often a serviceman. Anastasias husband ought to know that she is suggestible and easily touched. If someone wants to please her and attract her attention he can play on her pity and compassion. Anastasia makes a loyal and devoted wife uninterested in illicit love affairs. She gives all herself to her children; she also sees eye to eye with her mother-in-law and other relatives on her husbands side. She has a refined taste and loves to give presents. Anastasia knows how to change her enemies into her friends and she savors every single moment of her life.