The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “grace.” Anna is a artistic child and loves everything beautiful. She looks after puppies and kittens; she takes care of nestlings. Anna’s kindness seems not to know any limits. If there is someone crying you cannot find a better comforter. Anna is easy-going and has virtually no enemies. She is good with her hands - as a child she sews dresses for her dolls; later she can easily make a dress for herself or for her friend. Anna is one of those people who will never forget to visit a relative or an acquaintance in hospital or to fetch some fresh bread for an elderly neighbour. She lives with not only her own but also other people’s troubles. People around Anna often abuse her kindness but she does not get offended although she sees through it. Anna takes care of how she looks and knows how to dress tastefully. She cannot stand slovenliness and is never seen in dirty clothes or worn shoes. Anna can work as a nurse, doctor, comforter and aide. But wherever she works she is deeply devoted to her job with the financial aspect being secondary. Anna is a mild person with keen intuition. She sees enough suffering in the life but she seems not to try to avoid it. She can easily fall in love with a sick person or a drunkard and bear this burden till the rest of her life not regretting it for a minute. Anna is a devoted wife, loving mother and good mother-in-law. She is trustful, unselfish and friendly. If her family appreciate these qualities they will be happy. Anna is not capable of holding her own. When she comes across impudence or fault finding she retreats into her shell and waits patiently for better times to come. Anna is devoted in love and patient in marriage but she cannot put up with unfaithfulness. Adultery is the heaviest blow for her. She can forgive it but never forget. However the anticipation of possible divorce and living alone often make Anna to choose the lesser of two evils and stay with her unfaithful partner.