s derived of another name - Anzhelika - and it means “angelic.” As an adult Anzhela is often and attractive and charming woman. The only thing is that she does not count only on her beauty and even does not try to emphasize it. She appreciates other values: intelligence, knowledge and career success. That is where she tries to do justice to herself. Anzhela is a strong and self-loving personality and she knows how to get her own way. For lots of men Anzhela remain a riddle forever. After knowing her for a long time they still fail to understand what makes her tick. For instance, when everyone laughs at her apt joke she will react only with a shadow of smile. She will be agreeable to spend an evening with her colleagues but definitely will not pay attention to the most attractive and interesting of the men. The man who will venture on ambiguous conversation will feel immediately a wall of estrangement growing between him and always outgoing Anzhela. However Anzhela will become another woman when she meets her ideal partner. In marriage she is usually open-hearted and sincere; she will tell her husband about her innermost feelings. However his inability to understand her rich inner world can drive Anzhela into a shell.