EKATERINA The name is of Greek origin and it means "pure, chaste." Many people deem it to be royal, tsar's name. Even its sound seems to carry something discernibly majestic and imperious. Unfortunately the majority of its holders do not conform to this notion. Since early childhood Ekaterina is quite reserved and keeps everything to herself. She is thrifty and a bit avaricious. If she comes along to some other people she will definitely return with an apple or candy since there will always be an adult mesmerized with her smartness and intelligence. Ekaterina is ambitious and she painfully puts up with someone other's superiority. At school she is a top student and cultivates friendship with those who constitute the cream of the class. She is respected by her classmates. Ekaterina has a distinct indecisive streak particularly if she was born in spring. Ekaterina is often noted for her bravado and extravagance both in her behaviour and clothes. She takes her time before getting married although she has plenty of admirers around her. She will focus her attention on an man who is close to her in psychological sense. Ekaterina's anxiety and inside nervousness can take an impetus for most insignificant things resulting in her outbursts and impulsive actions which are not comprehended by other people. Ekaterina needs a husband who would give her assuredness and certainty in life. She is a day-dreamer and enjoys rich imagination. As a rule she is well-settled in life although she cannot serve as a role model of a housewife. Sometimes she even does not succeed in right upbringing of her children. Ekaterina can work fairly successful in any sphere and does not give preference to any particular one. She believes in predictions of astrologers and fortune tellers and can turn to them seeking a piece of advice. She has a predisposition to lung diseases.