The name is of Greek origin and it means “peace, serenity.” Since childhood Galina is “father’s” daughter and she prefers boy’s company. Not that she does not realize her feminine nature - not at all! She loves to dress up and spend a few hours in front of a mirror; she just feels more comfortable with boys. And when she is an adult the eternal women’s problems - who looked, who said - are foreign to Galina. In youth she loves to read adventure and historical novels. Since she is quite active she loves different social activities like camping trips and sports clubs. She is respected by boys who find her “one of them through and through.” Galina is a hard-working person. She has time for everything - work, home, entertainment. Galina is good at business where she learns quickly who is who and acts on that knowledge. If a person she is communicating with is of any avail for her Galina will be courtesy and kindness itself; if the person is of no interest for her she will give him a cold shower and will turn into a woman whose behaviour verges on rudeness. So mother-in-law who knows about this Galina’s trait will not hurry with her will. There is no problem with admirers and usually Galina chooses the best, the most intelligent and practical guy who admits Galina’s superiority not only over other people but also over himself. In marriage he puts up with his position of a subordinate which in the long run proves more efficient than constant struggle for power. However if he ever meets another woman who is an exact antithesis of his wife he can take drastic actions and leave Galina for her.