Inga is more close to her father; she recognizes his authority and ingratiates herself with him. Since childhood she drinks in bad examples as she is not always able to tell the good from the evil. She is prone to exaggeration and lie and her parents' attempts to wean her away from it by means of punishment are usually of no avail. Inga is exceedingly touchy and unforgiving and she is prone to making heavy weather out of the simplest and merest things. If she has a younger brother or sister she becomes extremely jealous of her parents. Inga is a controversial personality and often acts out of sheer spite so her deeds are often unpredictable and incomprehensible. Whatever she is told or advised she will do her own way . To be her friend and even to communicate with her is quite difficult. Although Inga draws attention of opposite sex quite early she cannot be labeled as a coquette. Numerous affairs and romances are foreign to her nature. As a rule she goes out with a man for a long time and tries him. If she notices that her parents are against her dating him or if they interfere with her private life in an active way Inga is capable of drastic measure. For instance she can elope with that man or marry him on the spur of the moment... Inga is a devoted wife and she takes care about her family and children. She raises her children and strictness and tries to control their every step. Her relations with the mother-in-law are quite strained since Inga cannot put up with any critics on her account. On the whole she is a kind person that can be influenced by other people without her being aware of it. She makes many mistakes owing to her internal controversy. She is a bit superstitious and from time to time she can engage herself with fortune-telling and astrology. Inga is often a single parent.