It is an old Russian male name that is nowadays has been converted into female one. Both in childhood and as an adult Inna is noted for her exceeding obstinacy and difficult disposition. Little Inna's stubbornness often brings her (or her mother which is not at all seldom) to the verge of tears. As she grows up Inna can yield to a person she likes but that in such case she will have to break her internal resistance. She cannot put up even with the slightest weak points of her friends and she remembers all evil done to her even though she is not revengeful. She is intelligent and can strike people around her with bold and original remarks. She is independent and does not under her girlfriends' thumb. Inna is creative in the kitchen and loves to ry different new recipes. Inna can make a good journalist, press photographers, hairdresser, shop manager or engineer. She may try herself at composing poems. Inna adores to have a morning lie-in but however she fights against that habit quite successfully since she is hard working and does not allow herself fiddling about. Marriage to Inna might be fairly difficult on the account of her jealousy. Only totally honest and open-hearted man can make her happy. There is no doubt in Inna's devotion and faithfulness. Inna usually has daughters. She loves her children and tries to give them the best she can. If Inna is endowed with talent she may devote to it the whole her life doing without family or children. If she has to combine it with family the latter will always be the secondary to her.