The name is of old Greek origin and it means "peace." Since early childhood Irina is noted for her self-sufficiency and decisiveness. She is closer to her father than mother. She is gifted in her studies which as a result do not take much her effort. She takes a sensible view of things. She loves detective stories, science fiction, fantasy; she often goes in for sports. Irina is not at all sentimental and it is virtually impossible to find Irina crying over sorrow of soap opera's characters. She is sociable and easily gets in touch with unfamiliar people. In company she feels at ease and can sometimes have too much as far as alcohol is concerned. She feels easier and more comfortable in men's company since among women she quickly gets bored. She is straightforward and sharp in her statements. Irina is quite jealous. Irina easily falls in love but somehow she manages to maintain her independence. She practically never lives only the life of her husband and family nor does she confine her life to the "family wreath." Proper education and career ladder are indispensable aspects of her life. And as a rule she makes a valuable and knowledgeable worker. Irina always knows what she wants. As a married woman she easily gains respect not only of her husband and children but also of her colleagues and neighbours. She takes her time choosing a husband. The latter may not doubt her devotion provided he consistently makes her feel significant and appreciated. He runs a risk underestimating Irina - offended she can commit adultery. However she will hardly ever ask for a divorce owing to her adherence to stability and peace. Irina is a good cook; as far as the upbringing of her children is concerned she approaches it with scientific point of view and reads specialized literature on the subject. As a rule her mother-in-law is not overford of Irina because of her independence.