In childhood Olesia is susceptible to colds and bronchitis. At schools she prefers girls' company and takes no notice of boys who are often in love with this slender, sportive and self-sufficient girl. Olesia takes her stubborn disposition after her mother while her agreeable appearance after her father to whom she is more attached. As an adult Olesia is straightforward and jealous. She is affectionate of her family and can be said to be a one-man woman. However this woman tends to be eccentric at times. Her actions can leave people close to her stupefied if not frightened. In youth she is capable of astounding her parents with the announcement that she has just jumped with parachute or that she is going to conquer the Himalayas. Olesia chooses a profession which is if not rare than little suitable for a woman -a geologist, surgeon or long voyage's captain. Don't be surprise if you come back from a trip and find your kitchen being remade into a photographic laboratory - it only means that Olesia has decided to take up photography. Any arguing with her would be of no avail so do not try. No failure can make Olesia give up and she keeps to move her own direction. "Winter" Olesia is often unsuccessful in her first marriage.