The name originates from area in Asia Minor called Lydia. Little Lidia is very curious - the one they always say, "Little pitchers have long ears." She takes interest in everything and may appear to be bustling but it is not true. Little Lidia fear to do something wrong and be cries at or punished. She is an obedient and careful child who tires to keep adults and particularly her mother. At school Lidia knows everything about everyone in order not to, Lord forbid, oppose herself to her peers. She listens to advice and owing to her indecisiveness and suggestibility she can be easily influenced by other people. Lidia is energetic. Unfortunately most her energy is wasted on fuss, talks, endless discussions of mere trifles and unimportant issues; at best she gives vent to her energy taking care of people around her. Lidia is friendly and sympathetic, she can give a word of consolation but seldom true help. Any company will give her a warm welcome but if she suddenly disappears no one will ever notice it. At work Lidia is reliable; she does not ask inappropriate question and therefore is appreciated by the administration. She often works in services sector. While choosing a husband Lidia takes into account other people's advice particularly that of people close to her. Once married she sets about developing and arranging her "nestle" and does it double tides. Lidia will never embark on self-boasting since she personally perceives herself as plain and ordinary. As a rule Lidia's husband appreciates her affection for home and devotion to family. They two can discuss for hours on end where to hang a picture or but a book. Before any purchase Lidia will shop around trying to find the best bargain and will for along time be in two minds whether or not she should finally buy it. The attitude of Lidia's children to their mother is condescending and slightly arrogant since they might be ashamed of her quaint manners, behaviour and way of thinking. When in trouble Lidia will definitely seek her mother-in-law's advice.