LILI It originates from the flower of the same name. Lilia is attractive and fragile and she seems calm and unpretentious. But as a matter of fact she is stubborn and unmanageable. Lilia is a little tyrant. Her imagination and tricks produced by it seem to know no bounds. She loves to appear weak and offended by everyone and in any situation of conflict she pretends that she is ill. In youth communication with Lilia becomes easier. She does not virtually pick holes with her relatives and if there are quarrels in her family they usually stem from Lilia's desire to have the trendiest clothes. In such a case she turns back into a small and fretful girl. Lilia have many admirers around her attracted by her charm, coquetry and jaunty style in clothes. Lilia is kind and forgiving; she feels at ease in any company and can have fun and laugh to her heart's content. She is sensual and loves flirting. She has many girlfriends who are envious of her ability to rule men and who want to learn it from her. Behind her back they do not mind gossiping about her. Lilia easily falls in love but not an extent when she is ready to follow her beloved one to the end of the world. As a rule Lilia is successful in marriage. However it is preferable that her husband were older and more experienced than her and was ready to put up with her endless caprices. From the very beginning of their family life hew ill have to get used to her being moody. However minor Lilia's flaws are outweighed with her kind character and sympathetic nature. Lilia' s husband usually loves her and will not constrain her in terms of her outfits and doe s not pay attention to her being more than a poor housewife. Her mother-in-law can from time to time make her a scene for untidiness at home but Lilia is lucky enough in her ability not to hear what she does not like to hear. Sometimes she gets filled with inspiration and starts to approach closely her children's upbringing and later she can practically forget about their existence. Lilia can commit adultery on a favorable occasion but is she feels that it interferes seriously with her family life she will sever illicit relations without giving them second thoughts