LIZA The name id of Hebrew origin and it means "the vow to God." Elizaveta immediately comes down as a mischievous and fidgety creature, such a frolicsome and charming child whose obedience will not last a minute. She needs everything to know! Elizaveta's classmates appreciate her playfulness and her qualities of a good friend. To keep her friends company Elizaveta will attend sewing and knitting courses although gained knowledge is seldom of any practical value. Elizaveta often wants to seem better than she is and that give her impetus to act extravagantly of what she is later remorseful. Elizaveta is ambitious and impulsive. She deems that people treat her worse that she deserves and she often conflicts over it. Elizaveta loves accurate science and takes the lead in women's company; however with her friends she is mild and helpful. Elizaveta needs family peace for the sake of her peace in mind and she will go ways to keep it. She does not get irritated with the relatives on her husband's side and she calmly puts up with their frequent visits; she also leaves in peace with the neighbours. She is thrifty. Her work and friend are secondary for Elizaveta compared to her family. In youth she is often unsuccessful and marriage; happiness come to her with age when she is remarried.