LUDA It is the name of Slavic origin and it means "nice with people, charming." Since childhood Lyudmila develops certain feature of a future wreath-keeper. She loves to arrange cozy atmosphere and all her dolls are dressed according to today's weather and starting with the age of five-six years she sews all their outfits herself. Lyudmila does not get along well with her sister - she is a proprietor by nature and has to be the only and autocratical owner of her little toys' world. That is why she is more patient and tolerant with a brother. Lyudmila adores the company of other little children; she does not strive for leadership not does she obeys completely to more active children. She is very gifted in terms of music and her parents should pay attention to this fact. She fulfills her school and domestic duties thoroughly, patiently and assiduously. As an adult Lyudmila is more conceited. She does not grudge time nor money to be in the class of her own in everything. Meanwhile she is kind and will give her word of advice or a generous present without hesitation. Lyudmila can achieve a lot in the sphere of music, art, singing as well with a job that involves communication with other people and their persuasion. Lyudmila's husband will not have to eat convenience foods since she is a wonderful and creative housewife. Neither will her have to waste money on her outfits as Lyudmila can not only make a dress for herself but also find some money doing it for other people. Lyudnila's children are always taken care of and her relations with her parents-in-law are more than wonderful. However Lyudmila is not always fortunate in her husband who does not like her independence and self-sufficiency. However even divorced, Lyudmila never gives up and continues her pursuit of a life partner.