LYBA The name is of Old Slavonic origin and it means "love." Love is love and everyone who hears this name will definitely smile at little Lyubov and tell her some gentle words. Lyubov grows in the atmosphere of friendliness and affection; she does not go into to much effort to attract the attention of people around her and to win their favour. She is charming, playful and since early childhood coquettish. In her relations with parents Lyubov is kind and sympathetic; however her kindness is slightly superficial since it does not come from her heart. She is easy-going and in a conflict situation she can yield but to a reasonable extent. At school Lyubov is often a mediocre student as she cannot concentrate her attention fully on one thing. Lyubov gets really upset because of her bad marks as if her future depends fully on them and does practically nothing to improve the situation. At school Lyubov earlier than other girls starts to visit hair and beauty salons; she will find time for make-up and hairdo while housework will only provoke her boredom. Lyubov will try to choose a profession which does not entail high level of responsibility and decision-making process. She need slow and thorough work to do it punctiliously. She can make a good pharmaceutist, manicurist or librarian. "Summer" and "autumn" Lyubov is creative and sociable; she may prefer work at insurance and advertising agencies. Lyubov has a lot of admirers around her. Many pop the question and that makes her decision more difficult and complicated. Sometimes not fully relying on herself Lyubov might seek advice with fortune-tellers and horoscopes. Later on Lyubov keep her interest in occultism and sometimes even tries to heal her relatives with the help of alternative methods. All these matters strengthen her confidence in her being an out-of-the-ordinary personality which might produce an adverse impact on her relations with husband. Her first marriage is not often a long-standing one; however kind and charming Lyubov does not remain lonely for a long time. And the stress certainly does her good. Lyubov is a good housewife; she is jealous but successfully hides it.