MARGARITA The name is of Latin origin and it means "pearl." Margarita is a highly independent girl. She has her own point of view on everything. She is straightforward and always speaks what she thinks directly to face of her parents and their guests which might be quite embarrassing for everyone but her. Straightforwardness and intolerance remain characteristic of adult Margarita; however with skillful and successful upbringing these features can be softened and smoothed. Otherwise Margarita will be perceived as an ill-bred and rude woman which will provoke conflicts with other people notwithstanding her being extravagant rather than selfish. At school Margarita stands out among her peers owing to her logical thinking. She is smart, intelligent and sometimes cunning but her internal self-conscience may not make her a faithful friend. Although Margarita is on friendly terms with her classmates and will always give her hand when asked to she does not have really close friends. She devotes much time to sports. Margarita is a practical person, one who can make a good manager. Margarita cannot stand waiting. She is impatient and wants to get everything and immediately. Perhaps that is why she often marries the first man who comes along and virtually always is unsuccessful in her first marriage. She takes close to heart shattering of her hopes and illusions and as a rule she quickly remarries another man, often nor for love but for other reasons (to prove something to somebody, to get rid of feeling of uselessness, etc.) Margarita loves men's company and her husband's jealousy might be well-grounded. Kitchen is not Margarita's element; however if she expects her friends to come along she can make such a delicious dinner that it will strike everyone who know her. Margarita is a caring mother although she is seldom satisfied with her marriage.