MARINA The name is of Latin origin and it means "sea, marine." As a rule Marina has an exaggerated opinion of herself. She knows how to conquer her emotions and as a result she does thoughtfully everything that concerns her life. Marina develops sensuality at quite an early age. At school There is always a whirlwind of passion around Marina with notes being given to her and boys rivaling over the right to see her home. What is interesting it happens not depending and Marina's being actually beautiful or not. She just contains in her since early childhood till her declining years a kind of a mysterious charm or which make all men totally defenseless. Marina is intelligent, easy-going, and courageous with a keen sense of self-esteem. If she ever comes across unfaithfulness she will never resign to it and forgive even if divorce ruins all her life. And still with such complicated combination of pride and prudence Marina is not greedy. Marina can make happy a quiet and easy-going person who is able to make a decent living for two of them. At the same time the husband should always admire Marina as she cannot stand inattention and lack of consideration. Because of her high self-appraisal Marina's relations with her mother-in-law might be quite complicated. Marina works miracles in the kitchen and she tries to strike her guests with her new culinary masterpiece. In her attitude towards children she is quite impulsive and can either do her best to fill in obvious gaps in their upbringing or leave them to their own devices for a long time. Marine is able to make a scene of jealousy in front of strangers. Marina often works as a nurse, doctor, engineer, hairdresser or actress.