MASHA The name is of Hebrew origin and there are several versions as to its meaning. It might mean either "bitter" or "loved" or "stubborn." Maria is knows as a kind, gentle and calm girl. Still a child herself she nurses willingly her younger siblings and it seems to be the only occupation Maria does not grow bored of. Maria is thin-skinned and takes close to heart even the slightness remark or reproach. However she has enough dignity and firmness to stand up to herself. She is often self-will and loves to do what she wants. Sometimes her actions are fuelled with a momentary whim. Maria loves justice. She is responsible in her home and school duties. Her classmates appreciate her hard working and sympathetic nature. As she grows up Maria remains the same. She gives out generally her warmth to other people. Other person's sorrow provokes her instinctive desire to help. Maria is devoted to her children and thinks the world of them. Maria's adultery is very improbable and if her husband wants to make it excluded they should have at least one child. Maria will take care if her mother-in-law is the latter is old and helpless; however if it is a young, healthy and self-sufficient woman Maria will be jealous of her husband. Maria is stoic when it comes to routine problem and living difficulties. The only thing that can make her feel really miserable and brokenhearted is her husband's unfaithfulness. She is loved by her children who always take her side.