MILENA Milena is often the only child in the family and she is pampered by everyone. The girl is usually weak, apathetic, with bad appetite, somewhat lazy but kind. She is used to obey to the words of the adults around her and therefore she lacks any form of self-sufficiency and independence. At school Milena remains equally infantile and taken care of by her friends. Fortunately she changes as she becomes an adult. "Winter" Milena is a difficult and controversial personality, she is stubborn, grumbling and loves to impose her opinion on other people; she is jealous and needs undivided attention. The communication with her might be complicated. However she demonstrates an enviable patience in her family life and forgives a lot to her husband. Milena is hospitable notwithstanding her far from being a role model housewife. Milena as a rule is not a leader in the family; that role is taken by her husband. She is noted for her coolness and unemotionality. She is capable only of little sympathy with other people. Warm and kind Milena is a rare bird. Milena can make a good economist, doctor, nurse, saleswoman, teacher, accountant or engineer.