NADEZHDA The name is of Old Slavic origin and it means "hope." Nadezhda is often the only child in the family. She is emotional, slightly stubborn, musically gifted; she loves dances, noisy children's games and amusements. At school she keeps to girls' company where she aspires for leadership. Most often Nadezhda has somewhat man's character. She is firm, self-restrained, determined and not particularly affectionate. She is calculating and adventurous. Nadezhda might have whirlwind romances but after marriage and birth of children she settles down and her life acquires more order and organization. Married Nadezhda keeps emotionality inherent to her but she becomes more constrained in manifestation of her feelings and emotions. She keeps much to herself; she does not chat with her friends over the phone for hours on end and her sociability and joyfulness become more temperate. She follows her principle of reasonably proportionate hard working and entertainment. Her husband matches Nadezhda - he is usually a reserved and self-disciplined man. His wife guides him but very skillfully and imperceptibly. Labour is truly Nadezhda's element. If she has a plot of land she will grow there vegetables for the whole family. Her children are well-bred, obedient, thrifty and respectful of their mother.