NATA The name is of Latin origin and it means "native, dear." Among other children Natalia is an initiator of many games and amusements. She can bring something interesting and exciting even into the most run-of-the-mill pastimes. At school Natalia is socially active and she loves to be in the limelight; when she is praised she doubles her efforts. She has a firm and joyful nature with active kindness. She may fiercely protect her offended classmates who are too meek and mild to do it themselves. She is self-loving and seems to take her impetus from it. She is straightforward and short-tempered. She is intolerant of any critics towards her. At school if she is not a top student she will not definitely be the bottom one. "Summer" Natalia is noted for her exaltation. "Winter" Natalia is endowed with analytical thinking and abilities; she is cunning and revengeful. Natalia gets married early and does not hesitate too much while choosing her life partner-to-be. Natalia's family life is warmed with her optimism and joyfulness. Natila's husband, children and mother-in-law will feel themselves loved and necessary for her. Her friends love to come along to her place. Natalia adores traveling. One more her hobby can be painting or drawing. Natalia knows her value and as every other self-loving person she needs praise and appreciation. And on the contrary even the slightest reproach can drive her to the verge of depression. In order for marriage with this self-loving woman to be successful her husband must not forget about it and pick wholes in everything she does. Otherwise Natalia gets offended but due to the pride so inherent to her she will not prove her case. She has not that many shortcomings for her husband to pay any attention to them.