There are more than 300 Russian and Ukrainian female names. There are those which are still very popular and widely spread nowadays, and there are names which have gone back far into history.
What is interesting is that each name has its meaning or sense. Some names came to Ukraine from the Greek mythology, and some came to us from the countries of America and Europe.
Maybe it will seem odd, but if you know the meaning of a lady's name, it will be possible to better understand her nature somehow. That is - each name acts as a kind of horoscope. Try to find the name of your lady on our names' list, read its meaning, and compare it with her real nature.

Aleksandra, Alexandra, Alla, Anastasia, Anastasiya, Ann, Anna, Anya, Anzhela, Daina, Ekaterina, Elena, Elizaveta, Eugenia, Galina, Galya, helen, Inessa, Inga, Inna, Ira, Iren, Irina, Julia, Juliya, Katya, Ksenya, Larisa, lena, Lera, Lesya, Lida, Lidia, Lidiya, Lili, Lilia, Liliya, Liza, Lora, Luba, Lubov, Luda, Lyba, Lyda, Lyubov, Lyudmila, Margarita, Margo, Maria, Marina, Masha, Mila, Milena, Nadezhda, Nadya, Nastya, Nata, Natali, Natalia, Natasha, Nina, Oksana, Olesia, Olesya, Olga, Olya, Oxana, Polina, Regina, Rita, Ruslana, Sasha, Sveta, Svetlana, Tamara, Tanya, Tatiana, Tatyana, Toma, Valentina, Valeria, Valya, Varvara, Varya, Vera, Victoria, Victoriya, Vika, Viktoriya, Violetta, Yana, Yanina, Yulia, Yulya, Zhenya, Zoya

Interested in Russian female names? The Russian language has always been famous with its richness. You can make certain of it if seeing the variety of the Russian names. Your Lady can be called different names. For example, the name Tatyana has several variants, which bear the affectionate colouring: Tanya, Tanyusha, Tanechka, Tata: By the way she would be very pleased being called by some affectionate name from your part.
And don't forget to congratulate your Lady on her name-day. Looking for a person whose name means something special to you? Or puzzled over the variety of Russian baby names to call your little daughter? Let us give you a hint: you will probably find some valuable information on the last and first names in Russian on our website Look through our databases of Russian ladies, compare the images with the names, and imagine what kind of woman she is that has this particular name. Russian names sprang from different sources; many of them have Greek origin.