NINA It is the name of niece of Jerusalem patriarchy Uvenaliy who introduced Christianity into Georgia. The name is probably of Greek origin - the name of the founder of Assyrian state was Ninos. Nina is a short-tempered, stubborn and self-loving girl who is not used to taking into account the opinion of adults. Her determination knows no bounds. Her teachers often pay attention to the fact that Nina is a bully and trouble-maker; however on closer acquaintance it turns out that she was just protecting her weaker friend. "Winter" Nina is particularly emotional personality; she can easily lose control over herself. At school Nina is a top student since her vanity does not allow her to lag behind. As she grows up her punctiliousness in terms of her dignity and self-esteem becomes more and more obvious. She attaches much importance to what her neighbours and friends think and talk about her. Nina gets along well with her peers; however flatulency and instructiveness inherent to her interfere with the possibility of really close and sincere friendship. As an adult Nina is responsible, punctual and sometimes too adherent to her principles. She knows how to be charming, feminine and mild. Owing to it she easily finds a husband. Nina loves her family but often she vents her negative emotions on people close to her. She is exacting of herself and demands it from other people. She might make her children to learn their lessons till they are bleu in the face or nags her husband if he is in her opinion too lazy. As a result Nina's relatives are slightly afraid of her. She wants to improve everything, to make it match her fictitious ideal. Nina is irreproachable in her capacity of a housewife. Her relations with her mother-in-law might be complicated because the latter suspects that it is not her son but his wife who keeps the finger on the button. Moreover Nina does not try to hide her aspiration for leadership. When she meets her match she is not able to put up with the secondary role and can ask for a divorce.