OKSANA It is the Ukrainian speaking form of Russian female name Ksenia. It supposedly originates from Greek word "ksenna" meaning "hospitability" or the word "ksenos" meaning "foreign." Oksana has very interesting life. In childhood she comes across as a reserved, gloomy and stubborn girl. She is self-sufficient, perseverant, and always gets what she wants often by means of making a scene. Noisy games with her peers hold little appeal for her and she prefers solitary amusements which involve assiduity. She is not overenthusiastic about her studies at school; however she is usually among top students. Oksana prefers girls' company but she will never open her heart even to the closest friend. Oksana's plans are often grandiose; it can be judged from her unexpected actions which often leave other people stupefied. In early childhood Oksana is highly susceptible to cold with her weak health being her scourge well into adulthood. Oksana is not used to reasoned estimation of herself and she tends to blame all her failures on people around her or think that she was born under an unlucky star. She is always calculating and thrifty. Oksana's husband should know that he'd better not wake his wife up early in the morning otherwise Oksana will be like a bear with a sore head and the day will be irreversibly spoilt. Oksana is a solid person and day in day out she can demonstrate her boundless patience say working with children. However as in childhood she remains quite unpredictable. For instance she can say once that as of that day she goes in for karate. It is of no avail to try to reason with her since she will do her own way. Oksana is a one-man woman; she is jealous and if she feels that her jealousy is well-founded she retreats into her shell. Oksana might try to change her husband; however is she comes across strong resistance she may give up. She tries to live separately from her mother-in-law.