OLYA The name is of Scandinavian origin and it means "saint." Olga is a serious, thoughtful and touchy girl. She is very thin-skinned; even an inoffensive remark can make her retreat into her shell with tears welling up in her eyes. However she is stubborn; even is she is obviously wrong she will not ask for forgiveness "out of principle". She has equal relations both with boys and girls. She is capable but is not enthusiastic with her studies and does only what curriculum supposes. Olga prefers to keep to the background; she will never be impudent or trouble-making student. She does not mind chatting with her girlfriends remaining at the same time quite reserved. As an adult Olga is ambitious but she seldom rises in the world owing to her indolence. Instead she develops such qualities as self-eating and envy of more successful or prosperous friends which she tries to hide by means of charities. Olga is feminine and looks after her appearance despite her constant pressure of work. If Olga's does not end up in marriage she might have some difficulties in her private life in future because of her nasty habit to compare all boyfriends to come with her first man. However lucky will be the one Olga has chosen. Olga is a devoted wife and a perfect cook; however her mother-in-law usually does not think very highly of her for no obvious reason. Not that it bothers Olga herself. She does not aspire for leadership in family life but she can blow off her handle if her husband starts to give out advice in purely women's spheres.