POLINA It is the spoken variant of female name Appolinaria. It is of Greek origin - according to Ancient Greek mythology Apollo was the god of sun who patronized arts. Among other children Polina stands out with her malleability, sympathy and friendliness. In grief she will always console, sympathize and calm; in joy she will rejoice with other people never being envious. Sometimes Polina might seem to be over-flown with love for other people, animals and everything alive. At school she is her teacher's girl Friday; she is the soul of discretion in her relations with peers and she will never offend anyone. She is exceedingly cleanly. As an adult Polina loves tasteful clothes; but she is thirty and would make a dress herself father than buy a ready-made piece of clothing in an expensive boutique. Polina is a person to be trusted and often other people abuse it and overload her with their problems and troubles. Polina is unselfish and can rejoice as a child over some knick-knack. She is so meek and mild that is she sees her husband flirting with her best friend she will try to justify him. However her patience knows certain bounds and it is no good stretching it endlessly. Polina regard her family's interests as more important than her own and she looks for a job that will enable her to spend as much time at home as only possible. Illicit love affairs, lovers and adulteries are foreign to her nature. Polina is a good mother. She is always in the loop as far as her children's problems and joys are concerned