RUSLANA It is the female variant of male name Ruslan. In childhood Ruslana is nervous and irritable; she might suffer from nightmares at night. To cut a long story short she gives her parents a lot of trouble. At school Ruslana is a good student notwithstanding that fact that she does not easily get down to homework and loves lying in. Ruslana is brisk and forward with a razor-sharp tongue so she is not a person to trifle with. She has many friends the majority of whom are boys. Ruslana can make a good teacher, nurse, engineer or saleswoman. As she grows up Ruslana becomes milder and more tolerant but she remains a leader till the rest of her life. She is capable of acting on impulse and later is remorseful of it. She is not good at telling people perhaps because she has a slightly exaggerated opinion of herself. Usually Ruslana is an attractive and sensual woman who takes her time while choosing a husband. However when she gets married she does not turn into a role model housewife as if by miracle.