SVETLANA The name is of Slavic origin and it means "light, bright". Since early childhood Svetlana is noted for her difficult and controversial personality. She has an exaggerated opinion of herself; however she is a mediocre student at school and prefers social activities to studies. Svetlana is active and slightly overbearing; she gets what she wants by any means. However at the same she thoughtlessly takes everything she is told on trust. She is very kind person totally lacking any impudence and ready to help other people even to her own detriment. Svetlana is neat and she looks after her appearance. In youth her sense of taste might fail her and she might put on something ridiculous or extraordinary in hr attempt to follow fashion. Svetlana is coquette and she loves men's company since she does not get on particularly well with other women. If Svetlana is in a series of misfortunes she is capable of critical re-considering her life and she becomes more sociable and compliant. On the whole notwithstanding her shortcomings Svetlana knows how to adjust to life, she is independent and hard-working so that she can honestly be names a self-made woman. Svetlana will never get married if she is not sure that her partner deserves her and his feeling is sincere. Svetlana possesses a great deal of savoir-faire. That is why both her husband and her mother-in-law are satisfied with her: the former does not have to change his habits and the latter thinks that she is still the mistress although as a matter of fact it is not true. Svetlana is very attached to her children and she tries to ensure them the best education.