TOMA The name is of Hebrew origin and it means "fig-tree." Since early childhood Tamara cannot stand monotony. She is able to be carries away with a game for a short time or reading although she is curious and inquisitive by her nature; she takes interest in everything. She is artistic and takes obvious pleasure from performing in front of the guests; later she will willingly participate in a theatrical staging. Tamara is constantly acting: either she is an obedient and diligent girl, or an experienced woman or a character of the film. She is sweet and friendly with those she knows well whereas slightly suspicious of unfamiliar people. She is responsible, assiduous and critical of her peers. Tamara can work in different spheres. She can make a good manager. In family Tamara is almost always a leader. She is self-sufficient and is used on counting only on herself. Her husband's attempts to change her might cause arguments and if they are persistent they can lead to divorce. That is why Tamara's husband is often younger than she is. Tamara is also responsible for her family budget and to give her the due she is quite skilful at it with the exception of purchases for children - that is where she does not stop at price. Tamara is jealous and her husband had better not provoke her jealousy. She is short-tempered however having quarreled and cried she calms down quickly. She is a marvelous cook and keeps everything at home in ship-shape order. She loves traveling and willingly gets acquainted with new people.