VALENTINA It is the female variant of Valentine; it is of Latin origin and it means strong, healthy. Valentina is noted for her boundless kindness since early childhood. She will share her toys, give her last candy and divide her apple. Her kindness if sacrificial and often lending a hand she runs into trouble. She does not expect a reward for her altruism; she does it not by calculation or selfish ends but because she cannot put up with other peoples sorrow. Valentina has a light and sunny disposition. She can easily run out of temper and fall out with her best friend but in less than two minutes be ready to make up and bury the hatchet. Most of the people who know her forgive these outbursts because they know her mild character. Valentine is a hospitable person however not a couch potato and if she goes to someone she rushes into the kitchen to help the housewife. She is easy-going and joyful. Valentina loves gambling and gets very upset when she loses. She get married for love but the love is often secondary and appears as a reciprocal feeling in response to head-over-heels love of the man. Valentina indulges in family life and all her free time she dedicates to her husband and children. She has practically no enemies owing to her disarming kindness. However her private life is not always successful mainly because of her husband.