VALERIA It is the female variant of Valery. Valeria is unpredictable. Sometimes her behaviour depends on trivial things. If little Valeria is offended it will last for a long time. It seems to be no reason but she is moody. And soon she will become joyful and delicate without any obvious reason. As she grows up Valeria remains a difficult and controversial personality. Sure it is not conducive to communication. However if you have enough patience to win her favour or if you are lucky to please her you will find the most devoted friend who will have eyes only for you and see only the best in you, stubbornly ignoring your bad traits. Those who are be able to penetrate and see into her character will find out that under the disguise of extravagant and unbalanced behaviour there is keen sensitiveness and vulnerability. Valeria will definitely notice a quick look her husband gave to another woman and that will lead to her being moody for incomprehensible for other people reason. Valeria is suspicious of unfamiliar people. Harmless remarks of her mother-in-law can lead her to thinking that the former is biased against her although another woman would not attach importance to it in the similar situation. Valeria is a caring and thrifty wife; her home is kept in ship shape order. She does not like to go out and prefers sitting at home and communication in the family circle. She is exceedingly jealous and that can poison the relations with her husband to a great extent.