VERA It is the name of Russian origin meaning faith, belief. Since early childhood Vera is strikingly judicious and mercantile. She is an even-tempered girl with logical thinking. She is neither noisy nor fretful. She does well at school and does not mind nursing her younger brother or sister. She is full of respect for adults. Not conflicting by nature Vera however seldom has close friends. She does not try to get married early. Vera is reasonable and pragmatic, capable of thinking prudently. Vera is a gifted person but her life does not consist only of spiritual aspect. Vera knows what she wants from life and knows how to get it. Vera does not believe in love in a cottage; she finds more pragmatic things necessary. If you are swept with emotions and it interferes with your life - talk to Vera and she will quickly bring you down to earth. Vera prefers much older men as suitable life partners. Most often she has only one child and thinks the world of it. If it is a girl Vera immediately starts to save money for dowry. However she raise her children in strictness. Vera gets along with her mother-in-law because she knows she has to. And she is masterful at it - she does not lose her dignity and leaves no ground for fault finding of the most captious mother-in-law. Her tasty meal, irreproachable cleanliness, care of children and devotion to the husband lead the relatives on her husband side to come to like her even if before they objected to their marriage..