VICTORIA The name is of Latin origin and it means victory. Victoria often takes after her father. She is lazy and slow. When she plays with other children she is rarely the leader and prefers to keep to the background. She does not want to learn to read when she is a child so she constantly asks her parents to read for her. However she is calm, even-tempered and taciturn; sometimes she may seem reserved and hidden in her shell for no obvious to other people reason. In youth Victoria livens up and starts to take care of her appearance but her inside uncertainness and shyness stay with her; that is why her attempts of self-affirmation can be quite whimsical. For instance she can wear exceedingly pungent perfume or put on an extra mini skirt. At work Victoria is active and tries to force events in the presence of the management. Out of all professions she will choose one which involves communication with other people and where the net result depends only on her. However she can willingly become a housewife or, appearance permits, a model. Victoria takes her time before choosing a life partner. The reason for it is not her difficult personality or top-heavy requirements but indecisiveness. Even after marriage Victoria is prone to doubt whether this step was right. A sensitive and attentive husband can help her to overcome it and she will turn into another woman. She will be open-hearted, trustful and completely devoted to her husband. However one inappropriate action on her husbands part - and she is in tortures again.