YANA It is the female variant of male name Yan. According to another version this name originates from Latin name Janus who was believed to be the god of sun and light. In childhood Yana is stubborn and can easily make a scene if she wants anything. She loves to boast of a new dress, a puppy or an expensive toy in front of her peers. She is a bit arrogant. At school Yana is a mediocre student. She is prone to an early first love which she industriously hides and tries to seem unapproachable. Yana is her father's blue-eyed girl; she is pampered with his attention and care and in her husband-to-be she seeks his features. Her behaviors is the behaviour of a little fretful girl who needs constant care and green light to all her wishes. There are not many men who are able to put up with it particularly if they are jealous. Yana adores men's company and knows how to manipulate them. Affectation and emotionality are very characteristic of her since they allow her to get what she wants - both in her relations with men and in everything other. Yana does not grudge money on cosmetics and outfits which can make her more attractive. If necessary Yana might become charming, mild and friendly and the people are won over. Yana does get along with her mother-in-law since the latter does not particularly relish the idea of her son being under a thumb of his wife and his putting up with her whims. Yana usually has one child whom she adores and pampers. She is quite jealous. Yana's husband notwithstanding her difficult character is as a rule satisfied with their family life.